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The Bill Podcast is produced and hosted by the very talented Oliver Crocker. The Bill was an iconic ITV police series, which ran for nearly 2500 episodes, from 1983 to 2010. Oliver interviews the actors who created iconic characters as well as those who worked behind the scenes, and pays tribute to those no longer with us. You can also become a supporter through Patreon.

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...Reads like a mix of Yes (Prime) Minister

and House of Cards..."

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The Miners' Strike of 1984-85 is a central theme

of the Armstrong and Burton series. 

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Pioneers of Diversity


We're currently building dedicated web, Facebook and Pinterest pages, with photos, bios and links, celebrating pioneers of diversity in politics, culture and the arts, with the emphasis on Post-War Britain.  It's all still in its early stages, and any suggestions and contributions will be gratefully received.  Feel free to get in touch through Facebook, or contact us direct here.  


(Pictured is the late actor Dino Shafeek)

Although the principal characters in the Armstrong and Burton novels are wholly fictitious, a number of real people make cameo appearances, and many of the events that underpin the narrative really happened. 

Visit these pages to find out more about the real history behind the stories,

the leading characters, and the world in which they lived and worked.

Post-war popular culture in Britain plays a big part in the stories as well, and inspiration has been drawn from a wide variety of sources.  Find out more on the Author's Note and Faves and Recommendations pages.

An interview given to Olympia Publishers' Author Spotlight feature, following publication of

The Banqueting Club in 2019

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Olympia Publishers - On Sustainable Practices in Publishing

"...While some years ago publishing would have been one of the more environmentally damaging industries, developments stemming from changing attitudes towards the environment mean that this is no longer the case. Therefore, we have committed ourselves to being an environmentally friendly company, implementing the use of FSC paper in all our books and promotional material and actively encouraging writers to correspond and submit to us electronically..."

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