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Here are just some of the international retailers stocking the Armstrong & Burton series.
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Prices and terms vary between countries and retailers.

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Here are some reader comments on the Armstrong & Burton series received directly to this website or by email, and which do not appear elsewhere.  If you would prefer to comment privately, please do so here. 

Your message will be answered, and not be posted publicly without your permission. 






"...I find myself talking about the characters as if they were real people..."

"...I have just finished Armstrong's Army.  Another Wow !   I found it even better than The Banqueting Club, I think mainly because of course I felt I knew the characters.   My first reading session was  4 hours straight, I only stopped then because it was 3 am..."

"...In my adult life I have read more books than I can remember, fiction in the main. The book that got me interested in reading was The Last of the Mohicans, by James Fenimore Cooper. I then obtained copies of his other books of the time; late 18th century in the backwoods of America. I became hooked on factional fiction. Other authors that took my attention were Rider Haggard, Kipling, Conan Doyle, and latter years Grisham, Paterson, Smith and others of the same ilk. For a first novel about a complex subject (British Politics) George Fairbrother combines a good use of language and the readability of a best seller. I could actually identify with some of the characters. George has obviously spent many hours in researching the historical facts and identities involved. The story is fiction in essence but true to life and quite believable. It ended with the  promise of a sequel. It was a good read and I am looking forward to the next instalment..."

"...The Banqueting Club was given to me by a friend. A most enjoyable read ! A story by an author I recommend. It is a very clever recreation of a period of unrest - some events I remember, but for some readers too young know of these past events, a wonderful explanation of the times. The story was written in a style which was intriguing and  held my interest chapter after chapter. The final chapter took me by surprise.  Oh no!  What happens next ? Cannot wait to read Armstrong’s Army.  What a great movie this story would make..." 

"...I finished  The Enemy Within  in the early hours of this morning - another great read right to the very end, but yes, you have left me wanting more... Such interesting characters,  love the description of Alf Burton at the beginning of chapter three, just as I imagined in my mind..."

Comments are genuine, from our valued readers, unedited and in their own words. 

We do not pay for reviews.  Posted here with permission.

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