102 Petty France, formerly 50 Queen Anne's Gate,  Westminster, was the main  location of the Home Office from 1978 to 2004.

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An Austin Princess, the Home Secretary's ministerial car as featured in Armstrong's Army

Parliament Square (1980) and the Churchill Statue, the scene of a memorable press conference by Sir Norman Armstrong


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Beata May

Images of 12 Downing Street, office of the Chief Whip until 2001.


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Tom Ordelman

 Central Office, Smith Square. 

Conservative Party HQ 1958-2003


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Launching from Palmer's shipyard, Jarrow, in 1912.


The closure of this shipyard in 1934 devastated the Tyneside economy, and in 1936, protest marchers, including our own Alf Burton, descended on London urging the government to support new industry in the Northeast.

There's lots more about this on the in context page.






HMS Leander, a 50 gun fourth rate, probably quite similar to HMS Warrior, commanded by our Captain Sir Charles Speers at Trafalgar, then repaired and refitted for  passenger and cargo service with the fledgling Speers Line, as the Lady Charlotte. 






RMS (Royal Mail Ship) Campania, remarkably similar in design to the

RMS Lady Georgiana of the Speers Line.

Images of the Banqueting House on Whitehall; a location that has major implications for the characters in the Armstrong and Burton series.  

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Exterior;     Chris O

Interior;   Graham Purse

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