Lost in Solway - Coming Later in 2021

“…Solway is an industrial city somewhere on the North Sea coast. The Great Depression laid waste to its proud industrial heritage and created poverty on a Dickensian scale, but the onset of World War Two offered the dying city a lifeline; moribund industry was resurrected for war work and the population swelled.


But now the city faces a new threat, this time from above; docks, factories, military installations and an aerodrome from where the US Eighth Air Force launches raids over occupied Europe, are prime targets for German bombers, turning long winter nights into hours of relentless, soul-destroying terror. 

Movie-obsessed Sylvia Bullock and easy-going Sidney Williams grew up together in the working-class terraced streets around Old Forge Lane.  As young adults, they are now on the frontline, working the late shift on the buses, and facing dangers as real and immediate as many of their friends and families fighting overseas.

One foggy night in the bleak January of 1943, with storm clouds and enemy bombers in the skies above them, life-altering decisions confront many of Solway’s home front heroes and villains. That night, Sylvia and Sidney are brutally propelled into a strange and incomprehensible world, easily as terrifying and uncertain as the one they had left behind…”

Original Image Credit (bus); Ed Webster

Image Credit (clippie); Lothian Buses

Lost in Solway will be published later in 2021, in digital and print through

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