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The Honourable Company


In 1936 popular, charismatic MP Richard Armstrong is destined for the very top in politics but his efforts in support of the King and Wallis Simpson, and the Jarrow Marchers, defying Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin, threaten to destroy his glittering career.

Half a century on, embattled Home Secretary Sir Norman Armstrong and his unlikely friend, influential left-wing political commentator Alf Burton, are powerful figures in Margaret Thatcher's turbulent Britain. Violent, high-stakes industrial battles continue unabated in London and on Tyneside, while unexplained deaths from World War Two, and the devastating aftermath of the Brighton bombing and the Miners’ Strike, cast a suffocating shadow over personal and professional lives.

The death of the Duchess of Windsor and the fiftieth anniversary of the Abdication Crisis prompt Sir Norman to yet again reflect on his proud family history; generations of distinguished military and political service dating back to the English Civil War. What was the double-edged connection with Edwardian human rights crusader and business tycoon Charlotte Morris? What is the terrible truth about his family that his closest friends and colleagues appear to know, but can’t bring themselves to tell him, and what will it all mean for emerging generations of Armstrongs and Burtons?

The Honourable Company is available now.



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Although the principal characters in the Armstrong & Burton novels are wholly fictitious, a number of real people make cameo appearances, and many of the events that underpin the narrative really happened. Link here to find out more about the real history behind the stories,

including the Miners' Strike, Boer War concentration camps, the Jarrow March, the Abdication Crisis,

and 1970s and 80s British politics.


Read more about the characters, the world they inhabit,  and the inspiration behind them here;


Talented voice artist Alistair McMillan was interviewed by the East Anglian Daily Times about his work narrating The Banqueting Club.  Link here.

 George Fairbrother and the Armstrong & Burton Series are proud sponsors of Oliver Crocker's The Bill Podcast


The Bill Podcast is produced and hosted by the very talented Oliver Crocker. The Bill was an iconic ITV police series, which ran for nearly 2500 episodes, from 1983 to 2010. Oliver interviews the actors who created iconic characters as well as those who worked behind the scenes, and pays tribute to those no longer with us. You can also become a supporter through Patreon.  


The companion book, Witness Statements,  is available now.

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The Abdication Crisis of 1936 is a key storyline in The Honourable Company.

Read more about the real history here;


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The Armstrong and Burton series is published by DEC4 Audio, Digital and Print Publishing

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