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A very warm welcome to our homepage providing a growing collection of content and links celebrating Elvis' life on the road in the 1970s, but with a focus on the widely misunderstood period between the Aloha From Hawaii event and his final concert in Indianapolis in June of 1977. We provide some links to concert recordings, from the soundboard and by audience members, as well as some suggested additional sites, articles and podcasts.  

During the final two or three years of Elvis' career, he virtually never rehearsed with his band, even when bringing in new members. Newly recorded material would be worked up on stage rather than in the rehearsal studio, and the set list could change on a whim. Sometimes this improvisation worked, sometimes it didn't, but for the most part, Elvis' charm and self deprecating good humour entranced the audiences, while the power of the big production numbers more than made up for some shambolic moments in between. 


The great, memorable shows, and the critically mauled disasters, are all preserved in these recordings, which give an incredible insight into the artist, and the human being behind the image. It's also fascinating to hear the sound mix as the audience would have, rather than from an official release tinkered and engineered to death the studio. In fact, as comments on the uploads suggest, we actually hear these shows better than the audiences, as the acoustics in the arenas were at times poor and affected by echo.

Some very high standard soundboard recordings found their way into the hands of European bootleggers, as did some audience recordings of varying quality, and a number concerts were unofficially released on vinyl or cassette in the 1970s and beyond. Our YouTube concert posts also have some stats and facts about each show, including newspaper reviews, attendances, and links to further reading. Much of the information is sourced from a trusted and generous resource, elvisconcerts.com.  (See the link below).


(These uploads are not monetized. For the sake of completeness, copyrighted material is retained so any revenues are directed by YouTube to the music publishers and spoken word rights holders.)

These pages and links are updated frequently, so please visit us again soon!

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Most recent YouTube uploads: Elvis live in Las Vegas, December 13th, 1975 in great soundboard quality. Help Me Make it Through the Night / Polk Salad Annie uploaded separately as well.

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Lots of facts and stats frequently updated on Tumblr (see link below)

Also on Substack: Elvis: The Summer of 1977 and Beyond - 


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Recommended Sites

Francesc Lopez's Elvis site is a great and trusted destination for Elvis nerds, with concert dates, stats, jumpsuit information, concert reviews and much more.  Link to the site homepage, and also directly to their 1969-77 database which is a handy quick reference.


Read some fascinating in-depth analysis by 20th century culture and entertainment historian, writer and broadcaster Gary Wells. There's some great social media to follow as well, and lots of thoughtful and enlightening articles beyond Elvis. 

Gary is also a regular contributor to the DEC4 Podcast.

Link to the social media feeds from Elvis Fan Club, Roma.  A great source of regular Elvis images and links.


Articles by George Fairbrother  on Substack


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